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The Route Pros
Testimonials: Membership Has It's Priviledges

 “The Route Pro's unique ability to achieve proven success in an industry where consultants come and go is astonishing.  What a niche they have found. The motivation and education provided by The Route Pro's have proved both measurable and enduring.  We have utilized their superior methods since the beginning and are showing no signs of slowing down.”  
Long time customer and friend, 
Dustin Goldberg--President
D.O. Summers Cleaners
 –Cleveland, OH

“We started our Routes nearly 10 years ago -- with one part time driver and handful of customers. Since then our Routes have grown exponentially, we now have 3 full time drivers and aren't far from needing a 4th. We couldn't have grown as fast as we have without the training and support of the Route Pro's. If you're going to do Routes do them right -- use the Pro's.”
Chris Curtis
Curtis Cleaners-Grand Rapids, MI

"The Route Pro team continues to point ValuClean in the right direction! Their knowledge & training, combined with the supportive coaching to my staff is an asset to my Route Department Operations! You are not running your routes right if you are not using The Pro’s!"
Hilo Kaller
ValuClean Dry Cleaners, Monsey, NY

The emails are great for the drivers. The training proves to them that it can be done.  
Kermit Engh
Fashion Cleaners, Omaha, Neb

“My relationship with the Route Pro has benefited me and our Company beyond
expectation.  The processes that James and his crew has put in place has not
only grown sales but has also helped me hold our route drivers accountable.
We have gone from a haphazard marketing/sales plan to a unified, recurring

Working with Mark over the years has given me the ability to
teach our route department on how to be successful and the confidence to
portray the systems that they have in place to achieve our desired goals.

Today we are living the benefits.  We have a vision on where we want to be
and how to get there.  I am happy to be involved with the Route Pro and
excited about the future of our business!!!
Tom Mitrani--Route Manager
Classic Cleaners, Indianapolis, IN

“If you want to take your routes to the next level I would suggest that you give the Route Pro a call.”
Michael Nesbit-President
MW Cleaners-Houston, Texas

We are growing our route with consulting from The Route Pro in a very difficult economic environment. 
Bill Ford,
Carriage Cleaners, Charlotte, NC

When I was trying to get my routes going by myself, it was like a small hobby. Since I started with The Route Pro, I've been given the tools and knowledge to grow my routes and business.  Thanks James! 
Jim Desjardins
Daisy Cleaners,  NH

James is a fresh breath of air, change agent this industry has been looking for. His "down to earth" approach and "role up your "sleeves" attitude is something every dry clean owner can relate to. He also endears himself to the staff because he has walked in their shoes.  James, You Rock!!  
Jan Barlow
Jan's Dry Cleaning, Clio, Michigan

Since beginning to work with James, we have seen a new vigor in our route division.  We have significant increases in our conversion to core rate that will have an impact for years to come.  
Shayne Golden
Ziker Cleaners, South Bend, IN

The Route Pro is the biggest value in the dry-cleaning business.  It has paid for itself since day one. 
Mitchell Rogers,
Rogers Cleaners, St Pete, Fl

"NO SMOKING MIRRORS WITH THIS GUY. He is the real-deal. I consider him a true friend and would recommend him to anyone-except my competition." 
Mario Socci:
Stamford, CT

James is a busy body with endless energy dedicated to helping his clients grow.  Full of industry knowledge and an ability to get a plan into place to get things done. 
Brett Norden
Dry Cleaning Station, Denver, Col

 "James's webinar's are the best selling events we have online.  He also is awesome to work with and knows everything about routes." 
Brian Johnson: DLI  

"He motivated my entire operation beyond routes. The Route Pro is helping up to achieve our goal of getting to the next level by holding our company and employees accountable. The Route Pro system works because of James's dedication." 
Chuck Anton:
John Anton’s, Andover, MA

"Thank you for guidance and the opportunity to work with you.  If it wasn't for James's coaching and friendship, I would not be successful." 
Jim Aubin
Providence, RI

James is good to cheer me up when I am down and give me good advice I can use.  
Ruth Guerrero
Sir Galloway Cleaners, Miami, Fla

I have used The Route Pro Tip Of The Week in every route meeting this year.  The drivers get something positive out of it and it helps motivate them.  
Bob Hilker
Brothers Cleaners, Raleigh, NC

The accountability The Route Pro provides is by far the most beneficial part of using them.  We know what to do, we just needed someone to push us to get it done. For me, I removed myself from the roll of route driver, giving me to hire sales staff and work on my business, not in it.  
Jeff Sitz
City Cleaners, Akron, OH

"Have James come and visit and work with the sales people face to face, get everyone fired up.  We have really been given great tools, manifest, reports, etc. calling people, etc." 
Rhonda Eyesel
Masterkleen, Columbus, GA

"James' expertise allowed us to skip learning the hard way' and jump right to productively building our client base. While we were chugging along on our own, we didn't have a strong, repeatable process to build from. James helped put a framework in place from which we can grow."  
Tim McCann
Best Cleaners, Albany, NY

The Route Pros gives us coaching, guidance, and leadership which has taken my route to the next level.  
Lee Turley
Five Corner Cleaners, West Chicago, Ill